DO-200A Introduction

DO-200A Introduction

DO-200A (and corollary DO-201) are for avionics databases.  While DO-200A has some similarities to DO-178, DO-200A databases and tools involve much more of the development and ecosystem evolution as DO-200A avionics data must be controlled from inception through the end-user.

DO-200A, “Standards for Processing Aeronautical Data,” is a cornerstone within modern aviation. While DO-178 and DO-278 garner a greater portion of mindshare, DO-200A is the workhorse upon which all modern aircraft rely, both directly and indirectly. Why? Because DO-200A governs the means by which data necessary for safe aircraft operations is prepared, updated, utilized, and maintained. Consider the following statements and assess whether they are true or false; answers and explanations are provided within this paper:
1. T / F: DO-200A applies to Terrain Data, Navigation Data and Engine Data.
2. T / F: The three basic DO-200A processes are Data Quality Requirements, Data Processing Requirements, and Quality Management.
3. T / F: The Supplier is primarily responsible for ensuring data usage integrity.
4. T / F: : A Type 1 Letter of Acceptance requires testing on the specified avionics end-item.
5. T / F: All Data Processing tools need to be qualified for Level 1 data.

If the above questions were truly easy, congratulate yourself on your genuine expertise. If they simply seemed easy, then this information that follows is for you. In fact, answering the above without understanding the overall quality assurance role in DO-178C and DO-254 is like understanding Fourier transforms without first understanding The Calculus: impossible for mere mortals …

To succinctly summarize, DO-200A provides guidance for the following aeronautical aspects:
• Minimum standards and guidance for processing aeronautical data
• “Aeronautical Data” = data used for navigation, flight planning, terrain awareness, flight simulators, etc.
• Criteria for developing, changing, and supporting aeronautical data
• Ultimately providing the user with assurance of data quality

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