Avionics Software Requirements in DO-178C

Avionics Software Requirements in DO-178C – For Avionics Engineers and Managers

Good requirements are the foundation of good software, and the only road to “great” software is via great software requirements. In aviation, requirements are paramount in DO-178C for avionics software and DO-254 for avionics hardware logic. Great software requirements are also the cornerstone to DO-278A for CNS/ATM (ground-based systems) and DO-297, Integrated Modular Avionics. But how can you “prescribe” good software requirements? What should a DO-178C Software Requirements Standard contain? What are examples of weak, satisfactory, good, and great software requirements? These questions and more are answered herein.

First, please consider the following requirements “quiz” – do you know the answers? If you’re developing aviation software, you need to know these answers; these and many more are explained in the following pages.

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