Who Afuzion Is

Experienced, helpful, and flexible

Is your safety-critical engineering infused with best-in-class knowledge? When safety is critical, Afuzion ensures it. Afuzion provides training solutions in most phases of safety-critical systems, software, and hardware engineering. Infuse your engineering with Afuzion’s proven solutions; in use by hundreds of companies in 40+ countries.


When safety is critical, you need Afuzion’s proven engineering training solutions. Safety-critical engineering is aptly named. When safety is critical, your engineers need best-in-class knowledge of technology, tools, and regulatory compliance. Onsite training & hands-on workshops: infused with knowledge by Afuzion.
Practice Areas – Include:

  • Avionics
  • Medical Devices
  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Industrial Control
  • Quality Assurance
  • Safety Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Project Management
  • What Afuzion Does!

    • Speaking

      Motivational Speaking & Technical Symposiums

      Afuzion’s Vance Hilderman is a world-renowned public speaker and presenter, having spoken in front of more than 1,000 audiences worldwide.
      Motivational Speaking: Infuse listeners with technical knowledge in a motivationally inspiring presentation. ½ hour, 1 hour, or 2 hour topics.
      Technical Symposiums: Infuse attendees with knowledge and professionalism in a wide variety of safety-critical technologies and expertise.

    • Workshops

      Technical Workshops

      Afuzion’s technical workshops span a wide area of safety critical engineering processes and standards. Clients receive the best consulting in the business.

    • Strategic Consulting

      Proposal Optimization

      Proposal Optimization: Preparing a technical safety-critical product proposal which you really want to win? Afuzion will scrub and improve your DO-178B, DO-178C, ED-12, FAA, EASA, FDA, DO-254, ARP-4754A, ARP-4761A, DO-297, ISO-26262, 510(k)/PMA content.
      Safety-Critical Software Audits: Review and analyze your team’s performance to boost productivity and quality while lowering development costs.
      Software Tool Selection: Afuzion analyzes your true needs and helps you select the software tools you need to comply with DO-178B, DO-178C, ED-12, FAA, EASA, FDA, DO-254, ARP-4754A, ARP-4761A, DO-297, ISO-26262, and 510(k)/PMA guidelines.

    Why Afuzion?

    Experienced, helpful, and flexible

    Software Reliability

    Private Onsite Training Classes

    Creating Solutions by Bringing Together Leading Ideas

    Outstanding Support

    About Afuzion

    Afuzion is a boutique company focused on infusing technical knowledge. Founding/Key members include:

    Vance Hilderman

    • BSEE, MSEE (Hughes Fellow), MBA. World-renowned safety-critical expert, speaker, trainer. Mr. Hilderman is also the Global Services Director for Vector Software for 75% of his time. Email: vance.hilderman@afuzion.com

    Chris Jackson

    • Attorney: Intellectual Property Litigation. Technology & Human Factors Interests. Private pilot and business-jet owner.
    Email: chris.jackson@afuzion.com.

    Anna Hilderman

    • BA Marketing/English (in-progress), Publishing & Communications Director.
    Email: anna.hilderman@afuzion.com.

    Training Workshops

    When Safety is Critical, Afuzion provides training workshops for most phases of your engineering development. Afuzion training combines the latest industry and regulatory knowledge with today’s best-in-class engineering practices. Attendees repeatedly call it the “best technical training and value they have ever encountered”.


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    News & Events!

    The following are actual, unsolicited emails received regarding actual paid training provided by Afuzion founder Vance Hilderman:

    • • “Thank you for the knowledge and most of all the opportunity to observe a master trainer. I rarely meet gifted individuals actively engaged, you are one of the few. “

      Jim W, U.S. Army, Software/Systems.
    • “I would like to say thank you for the two days. This training was exactly what I needed. And "truly" it was an excellent presentation of a dry topic. At the beginning of the training you asked the question who has read your book. "Truly", it was this terrific book which made me believing that there is a way for me to understand how the DOs should be transferred to the "real world".

      Hans J, Head of Quality, Platforms, and Control Systems, Germany.
    • “I have found that your white papers contain important information, are well written, succinct, and easy to interpret/comprehend.”

      Kevin H, Manager, Rockwell Collins, USA.
    • “I recently followed a two-day course on DO-178 and DO-254 by Vance Hilderman and it saved me a lot of time. The course gave me an excellent introduction to the matter, focus on what really matters, and clear indications for further in-depth study.”

      Roberto B, Professor, University of Parma, Italy.
    • “Thank you for your excellent training made the last three days. This will help us to better understand the changes related to DO-178C.”

      Daniel V, Israel.
    • “Vance, we truly appreciate the training and it was an excellent one. I really enjoyed and happy to learn about the DO-254 from you. Thank you very much.”

      Sam H, Curtiss Wright, USA.
    • “Thanks Vance for the interesting training (you are really an excellent communicator)”.

      Monica C, Selex-Galileo, Italy
    • “It was truly an honor and privilege to be able to attend the training you provided to us in Huntsville. You're a very engaging and entertaining instructor; I really appreciated your insights!”.

      Anne A, U.S. Army Blackhawk Division, Huntsville, Alabama USA
    • “Thank you for excellent presentation on the topic. It has been a real pleasure.”

      Christoph S, Systems Engineer, Lauterbach, Germany.
    • “BIG gratitude for the very good and appreciated training that you have gave us.” Michal B, SQA Leader, Haifa.

      Michal B, SQA Leader, Haifa.
    • “I just wanted to congratulate and thank you for your great performance. Not only you master the subject, but you know how to present it and make it look a bit more appealing than it is in reality; let's be honest: even engineers could find the topic a bit boring :-)”

      Francesco S, Italy.
    • “Your expertise, experience and knowledge really came through in the presentation and was a key factor to the overall success, and we enjoyed working with you and your team.”

      Greg R, VP Product Management, Phoenix Arizona
    • “It was a real privilege participating to your training course! I learned a lot, and understand many requirements that although I knew them it was unclear to me their reason and meaning. Once again thank you very much.”

      Ernest G – Chief Scientist, Tel Aviv.

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    In technology, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Afuzion practices what it preaches, including continuous improvement. Afuzion welcomes your comments, suggested workshop topics, whitepaper requests, or simple queries about infusing YOUR endeavors with Afuzion’s knowledge. Afuzion: When Safety Is Critical™.

    Afuzion Inc, PO Box 7711 Beverly Hills California USA 90212, 1.858.922.6331,

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