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Applied Avionics Development & AMC 20-152A for Hardware

April 19, 2023
7:00 am PDT

 Currently Under Production

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AFuzion's expert guest joins CEO, Vance Hilderman in an advanced DO-178C avionics software education tutorial covering:

- HLR vs LLR's: The Gospel
- DFCF & Coupling Analysis Do's and Don'ts
- PDI's Ins & Outs
- Example Advanced Review per DO-178C:

Requirements and SOI-2

Facilitated by CTO, Vance Hilderman

AFuzion's CTO, Vance Hilderman will clear the runway on how to optimize your PSAC & PHAC per DO-178C & DO-254. It is not as easy, or it is as easy as you think!

CNS/ATM & DO-278A: Are you up to speed? (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance, & Air Traffic Management) systems are increasingly being deployed throughout the world and beyond. On the ground, in the air, and in space: AFuzion's CEO, Vance Hilderman and an AFuzion Senior DER Jon Lynch will present.