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About AFuzion

AFuzion is a boutique company focused on infusing technical knowledge. All Training, Gap Analysis, Whitepapers, Checklists, and Templates were developed and copyrighted by actual AFuzion personnel. Those copyrights were never transferred or sold to TekSci, Enea, HighRely, Atego, etc. Any companies using such are merely using our 10-30+ year old information while also violating copyright law if they removed the author’s name from those works. Why would anyone want 10-30+ year old technical information, or to use services from a company who misrepresents authorship and ownership? AFuzion: we created it. We own it. Updated continuously to the latest/greatest. ONLY from AFUZION.

Founding/Key AFuzion members include:




Founder, CEO, and CTO of multiple safety-critical companies sold for 8 figures.
BSEE, MSEE (Hughes Fellow), MBA.
World-renowned safety-critical expert, speaker, trainer.
Expert & published author in DO-178C, DO-254, DO-278A, DO-200A/B, ISO 26262, and ARP4754A


Attorney: Intellectual Property Litigation

Technology founder, patent-holder, corporate attorney in copyright law and intellectual property.
Technology & Human Factors Interests.
Private pilot and business-jet owner.
Sorry, I’m a private dude.
Friendly, except in Court.


Senior Aviation Engineer & Pilot

Senior avionics development engineer with expertise in Safety, Systems, Software, and Hardware development, integration, test, and certification via DO-178C, ARP4754A, ARP4761, and DO-278A.

Davis Stevenson

Senior Manager, Finance

Managing AFuzion’s 20 consecutive quarters of growth, with 100% client repeat rate and always Professional.

Matthew Stevenson

Senior Manager Solutions & Sales

Connecting & succeeding with AFuzion’s 40+ new clients annually and always favorably responsive.


Avionics FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) and Pilot

25+ years’ experience in avionics software development and certification.


Aviation Safety Engineer (TAOS)

20+ years experience in aviation/safety/systems and key contributing member of SAE committees developing ARP4754A and ARP4761A. Expert ARP4761A Safety Assessments & Training.


Business Manager Italy


25+ years software business and client management success in Europe. Based in Milan, Mr. Tommasi ensures client success for a wide variety of critical software projects, tools, and critical services.


Senior Engineering Manage & Test Pilot

30 Years’ experience managing aviation development projects and flight testing. Big-picture strategic thinker and engineer’s engineer.


Technologist & Marketing (EV)

After spending much time teaching all aspects of Physics to engineering students, Arif was fascinated by engineering topics which made him dive into business where he promotes sophisticated technologies worldwide. Based in Chicago, Mr. Erkoca’s journey continues with Physics, Engineering and Technology Marketing.


Manager: Doymus, Spain

As Doymus Founder and Manager, Mr. Hernanz manages all safety-critical software services and tools activities in Spain. Based in Madrid, Mr. Hernanz’ key role at Doymus (and AFuzion Distributor) ensures client satisfaction with software and hardware development, tool selection/deployment, Training, and consulting/certification services.


Managing Director: Bupat, (Ankara, Turkey)

+90 (532) 214 33 34

Mr. Erdinc Oguz : +90 535 461 12 92
Ms. E. Gamze Yılmaz: +90 533 095 0699

As Bupat Managing Director, Mr. Erkoca manages all safety-critical software services activities in Turkey. Based in Ankara, Mr. Erkoca’s key role at Bupat (and AFuzion Distributor) ensures client satisfaction with software services, training, and consulting/certification services.


Avionics FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER)

25+ years’ experience in avionics software, hardware, systems, and safety development and certification.

Kenneth Hebert, PhD

Technical Director

30-years expertise enabling large and small safety-critical engineering companies to improve technical compliance, engineering, AGILE/Lean, CMMI, AS9115A, Quality Assurance, and cost-effectiveness.

Mr. Youngbin (“YB”) Cho

President, SoAR Inc, Korea

Mr. YB Cho manages all AFuzion services activities in South Korea. Based near Seoul, Mr. Cho’s key role at SOaR (and AFuzion Distributor) ensures client satisfaction with Korean aviation development services, training, and consulting/certification services.

Aharon David

Chief WHO (White Hat Officer) & Manager, AFuzion-InfoSec Cyber-Security

Aharon David brings decades of experience in aviation, security, and safety-critical software to manage AFuzion Infosec’s cyber-security activities including training, gap analysis, threat/risk evaluations and compliance to security standards including DO-326A, ED-202A, et al. Former Israel Defense Force / Air Force software/systems manager. “We use the White-Hat to prevent the Black-Hat”.

Takahiro Takahashi

President of Accelerated Software Engineering, Japan

As president of Accelerated Software Engineering, Mr. Takahashi deploys AFuzion’s aviation services in DO-178C, DO-254, ARP4761, and ARP4754A to clients throughout Japan. Accelerated Software Engineering provides additional software engineering tools and services to safety-critical clients throughout the region.

Jon Lynch

FAA DER & Commercial Pilot/Instructor

30+ years expertise on avionics, aeronautical data, systems safety, DO-178C, DO-254, ARP4754A, ARP4761, DO-200B and the full alphabet soup. Always professional and GREAT sense of humor in a most serious business: aviation.

25+ Afuzion Engineers

Senior safety-critical engineers, all at the top of their field. In the past we posted their names and contact info but the world’s best recruiters were using our AFuzion site as their go-to recruiting site since everyone realized AFuzion’s engineers are the world’s best. To reduce those recruiter’s tragic sense of continual rejection, we’ve simply removed their names. But not to worry: engaging AFuzion means you have access to the world’s best through the front door; no need for the back door.


With us always in spirit, tenacity, creativity, and laughter. 25+ years of business management, client success, and friendship. Fly high, Friend.

Colleen Clayton

Client Experience & Elevation


30+ years Client and Company Client Experience and Success expertise.