Safety Critical Training Workshops

Private Training


AFuzion’s trainers have provided the following training to 23,000+ engineers and managers worldwide – more than all our competitor’s current trainers, combined.

We also provide the best-in-class training for safety-critical system development, certification
and compliance. Our practice areas include:

  • Aviation CNS / ATM, & Data
  • Avionics Systems Development
  • Avionics Software Development
  • Avionics Hardware Development
  • Aviation & Avionics Safety
  • Transportation & Automotive

AFuzion’s engineers literally “wrote the book” and our engineers’ publications are in use by 95% of the world’s avionics companies to achieve FAA certification and EASA certification.

AFuzion’s private training includes free customization for your specific needs and unlimited attendees, often at no added cost.

Training attendees receive access to the world’s largest and most proprietary collection of technical safety-critical whitepapers developed by engineering experts with decades of collective experience.

When Safety is Critical, your engineers and managers need the world’s best training already provided to 23,000+
engineers in 35 countries; more than all other known competitor’s existing trainers.

AFuzion training combines the latest industry and regulatory knowledge with today’s best-in-class engineering practices.

Attendees repeatedly call it the
“best technical training and value they have ever encountered”.


In addition to Public Training, AFuzion is also the world’s largest aviation development and certification/compliance Private Training resource. Over 3,000 aviation engineers trained privately each year, at 75+ aerospace civil and military related companies and agencies.

If you have 4+ persons needing training, AFuzion’s private training is by far the world’s most preferred, and requested, training resource: unlimited attendees, free customization, and access to AFuzion’s proprietary 25-technical paper library, templates, and checklists: only from AFuzion.

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