Safety Critical Services in Avionics Systems

What AFuzion Does

Safety-Critical & Certification Consulting


Consulting: Expert consulting services for DO-178C, ARP4754A, ARP4761A, ISO 26262, DO-254, DO-200B, ED-12CC, ED-80, DO-278A, & IEC 61508, TSO’s, TC/STC’s, QSM and AS9115.

Certification: Formal Certification, Compliance and DER services for FAA, EASA, CAAC, and most safety-critical regulatory agencies, worldwide.

Safety-Critical Audits: Review and analyze your team’s performance to boost productivity and quality while lowering development costs.

Proposal Optimization: Preparing a technical safety-critical product proposal which you really want to win? AFuzion will scrub and improve your DO-178B, DO-178C, ED-12C, FAA, EASA, DO-254, ARP4754A, ARP4761A, DO-297, and ISO-26262.

Safety-Critical Standards Gap Analysis: AFuzion has provided more safety-critical gap analysis than all our competitor’s personnel COMBINED. AFuzion’s experts have provided over one hundred Gap Analysis in:

AFuzion’s engineers did the world’s first such gap analysis in 1989. Our competitors copy AFuzion’s old gap analysis info but charge the same price; why buy ten-year info intended for someone else when you can have authentic world-best AFuzion gap analysis plus many included benefits for the same price? Contact AFuzion for free sample gap analysis information.

Safety Critical Training & Workshops


AFuzion’s Technical Workshops span a wide area of safety-critical engineering processes and standards. Clients receive the best training in the business.

Safety-Critical Development Outsourcing


Outsourcing: AFuzion provides safety-critical systems and software development and V&V outsourcing.  One engineer for a week or fifty engineers for a year:  AFuzion and its partners provide cost-effective engineers; never the cheapest, always the most cost-effective. The engineers at AFuzion have helped 250+ companies in 35 countries achieve safety-critical system success since 1990. AFuzion: When Safety is Critical™: aviation, medical, automotive, and industrial control.

DO-178C Templates & Checklists: AFuzion has all-new, proprietary DO-178C Plan Templates and DO-178C Checklists; available only through AFuzion.

DO-254 Templates & Checklists: AFuzion has all-new, proprietary DO-254 Plan Templates and DO-254 Checklists; available only through AFuzion.

Safety Critical Software Expert Witness

AFuzion’s founder and senior engineers provide safety critical software expert witness analysis and testimony. Significant nationwide experience with many Fortune 500 companies and cases providing convincing, authoritative avionics expert witness analysis and aviation safety expert testimony, including real-time software and DO-178 expert witness services.

Avionics software cost and development expert witness services provided to three major prevailing cases. Aviation software development analysis and testimony expert witness services provided to five cases, four of which prevailed.