DO-330 Introduction – Tool Qualification

DO-330 Introduction – Tool Qualification

DO-330 Tool Qualification whitepaper applies to avionics software tools for DO-178C, DO-254, DO-278.  This DO-330 whitepaper describes the five tool categories versus criticality levels (DALs) and how to truly qualify avionics software tools.DO-330 Design Tool and DO-330 Verification Tool information is provided. DO-330 Tool Qualification Levels (TQL’s) 1 – 5 are described as are DO-330 Tool Qualification Criteria (TQC) 1 – 3.

Software and hardware engineering tools are computer programs that help engineers create, analyze, verify, track, modify, produce or specify the application programs being developed. Such tools and programs have been in use since the beginning of computing. Tools aid the improvement of efficiency and effectiveness in the development process by automating mundane operations while bringing the level of abstraction and understanding closer to the developer.

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