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DO-200A Training: Aviation Database Development and Approval Class


DO-200A came after DO-178 so many persons incorrectly believe DO-200A is copied from DO-178:  False.  DO-200A has an entirely different premise, “preserving, ensuring, and proving data quality throughout the data processing chain”.  DO-200A is much different than DO-178, and this course explains the differences between quality “data” certification and avionics software.  This class focuses upon DO-200A’s true intent and real-world training compliance with DO-200A; also obtaining DO-200A Letters of Approval (LOA).   What processes are required for DO-200A?  How are data quality requirements specified, managed, and proven?  What tools can be used for DO-200A and when must DO-200A tools be qualified?  What is the role of DO-200A quality assurance and audits?  What mandatory DO-200A processes are required and what are the DO-200A Best Practices?  What is the basis of DO-201 and how does it related to DO-200?   How can DO-200A compliance costs and schedule be reduced by 20-30%?   The developer/teacher is the principal founder of two of the world’s largest aviation consulting companies and the principal author of several of the world’s most popular publications on aviation software/hardware development: Vance Hilderman has taught over 11,000 aviation engineers and managers worldwide, including FAA and EASA officials, and engineers from 95 of the world’s largest 100 aviation companies: more than all the competitor’s current trainers in the world, combined.


  • Understanding DO-200A’s basic principles:  DO-200A explained for the “real world”:  yours
  • Understanding DO-200A’s true intent for Data Chain Integrity
  • What is a “database” per DO-200A and what is “data” and what is role of data “Supplier” versus “User”?
  • Understanding DO-200A’s Planning Process and Verification Process, and Quality Assurance/ Configuration Management
  • Understanding DO-200A’s Data Quality Requirements:  think like a DO-200A auditor and pass audits the first time
  • Real-world training in DO-200A project management and cost/schedule reduction.
  • Common DO-200A initiation mistakes: how to prevent and mitigate
  • Leading DO-200A and DO-201 Best Practices
  • True meaning of “Aeronautical Data Processing” for DO-200A
  • Case study on DO-200A Tool Qualification
  • Quality Management data audits for DO-200A
  • Applying AC-20-153A for DO-200A:  How, Why, and When


Attendees may include engineers, managers, quality assurance or certification personnel; no prior expertise required.

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