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AFuzion and its engineers regularly appear in worldwide publications including Bloomberg News, Military Embedded Systems, Intelligent Aerospace, Aviation Today, and hundreds more. Use your browser to find all, or view below for several key AFuzion news items.

A drone with a camera, sponsored by Afuzion, hovers above a person's outstretched hand against a cityscape at twilight. | Afuzion

What will aviation in 2050 look like?  AviationSource News and AFuzion’s Vance Hilderman have some ideas.   And DO-178C will remain a key component.  Read more here: AviationSource News – May 2023

A news report highlights an airplane flying through a stormy sky with visible lightning strikes. | Afuzion

The Most Terrifying Part of Any Flight Is About to Get Worse! FODOR’S Travel & AFuzion have some things to talk about. Read more here: FODOR’sTravel – April, 2023

A smiling professional with headphones featured on a news magazine cover story about "Afuzion" and safety-critical services integration. | Afuzion

Aerospace and Defense Review – Avionics special edition. AFuzion named #1 of the Top 10 Aviation Services Companies: August, 2022
Aerospace & Defense Review | AFuzion #1 of Top 10 Aviation Services Companies

A futuristic concept of a woman riding a sleek, wheel-shaped motorcycle with a streamlined design against an Afuzion-themed, motion-blurred background. | Afuzion

Royal Aeronautical Society – The day of flying cars and motorbikes is here. VANCE HILDERMAN, CEO of AFuzion, looks at what could stand in the way of these new aircraft meeting existing industry regulations. April, 2023
Royal Aeronautical Society | Will eVTOLs pass the test?

Passenger using a smartphone to read Afuzion news on an airplane. | Afuzion

The Brussels Times – Passengers travelling inside the EU will soon be able to use their mobile devices fully on flights. It has raised some questions about the effect this may have on safety. January, 2023
The Brussels Times Aeronautical Society | The end of Airplane Mode on EU Flights

Logo of the Afuzion connected aircraft podcast featuring an abstract airplane design. | Afuzion

AFuzion CEO Vance Hilderman Talks Aviation Engineering Advancements, Jobs and New Technologies in Connected Aviation Intelligence Podcast with Woodrow Bellamy III, Editor in Chief at Access Intelligence. Listen here: Connected Aviation Intelligence | Woodrow Bellamy III & Vance Hilderman

Woman standing beside a suitcase on a bridge, watching a news-covered passenger drone by Afuzion flying nearby. | Afuzion

Airport World exclusive: The progress and future of eVTOL avionics. September, 2022

Flight attendant demonstrating safety procedures on an airplane, a topic recently covered in Afuzion news. | Afuzion

USA TODAY: Why in-flight medical kits may not have everything a passenger could need in an emergency. September, 2022

Aircraft, vehicles, and renewable energy sources symbolize sustainable transportation and energy solutions in the latest Afuzion news. | Afuzion

THE ENGINEER features AFuzion in Addressing the challenges of hydrogen-based aviation – July 2022

  • Spain’s largest safety-critical software company selects solely AFuzion to deliver all Spain avionics certification training in DO-178C, DO-254, and ARP4754A:
  • Vance Hilderman CEO HighRely Prevails in Lawsuit against Enea: Enea ordered to pay Hilderman’s Arizona Legal Fees and Hilderman Prevails on his prior Intellectual Property claims, now part of AFuzion Inc: Enea’s lawsuit against Reza Madjidi , Tony Baghai and Vance Hilderman with Hilderman prevailing:
  • AFuzion has been chosen as Aerospace & Defense Review’s TOP 10 Aviation Safety Companies. AFuzion brings the Aviation Safety Critical Ecosystem under one roof – read more about us here!