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Avionics Software Advanced DO-178C Training Workshop

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DO-178C (ED-12C) is arguably the world’s most difficult software “standard” and many millions of lives rely on it yearly. But software development has rapidly evolved along with aircraft design:  many new technologies must be considered, and certified: C++, Model-Based Development, Formal Methods, non-CPU based logic, and advanced tools. New techniques for specifying avionics requirements and design must also be understood.  But what are detailed and derived DO-178C requirements?  How can C++ and OOT be safely used and certified per DO-332?   What are DO-178C Model-Based Development best practices in applying DO-331?  What are the answers to applying DO-178C’s Parameter Data Items?  What were the DO-178B weaknesses and how is DO-178C really different from DO-178B?  How can DO-178C cost and schedule be reduced by 20-30%?

This advanced DO-178C training is intended for persons with basic familiarity of DO-178 or safety-critical standards. It can be combined to follow the preceding basic DO-178C course.  The developer/teacher is the principal founder of two of the world’s largest avionics consulting companies and the principal author of the world’s most popular publications on DO-178: Vance Hilderman has taught over 11,000 avionics engineers and managers worldwide, including FAA and EASA officials, and engineers from 95 of the world’s largest 100 aviation companies: more than all the competitor’s current trainers in the world, combined.

AFuzion’s training has been provided to over 23,000 aviation engineers from 1,000 companies in 30 countries; more than all other trainers in the world combined. Brief summary below; contact us for more free information.


  • Quick refresher on basic DO-178C and “how” DO-178C is applied to advanced avionics
  • Grasp key differences between DO-178B and DO-178C for more advanced users
  • Advanced Safety, Derived Requirements, and Detailed DO-178C Requirements
  • Understanding advanced DO-178C mistakes and best practices to avoid them including model based development, OOT, and C++
  • Controlling engineering cost/risks with DO-178C Requirements, Design, and Code
  • Understanding & applying DO-178C’s Supplements for:
       –     DO-330/ED-215 Software Tool Qualification
       –     DO-331/ED-216 Model-Based Development and Verification
       –     DO-332/ED-217 Object-Oriented Technology
       –     DO-333/ED-218 Formal Methods Supplement
  • Advanced structural coverage analysis and testing with Advanced Tools
  • Data flow / control flow and Coupling Analysis


Attendees may include engineers, managers, quality assurance or certification personnel with previous knowledge, training, or experience in DO-178.

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