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Avionics systems world-wide are now mandated to follow “DO-178C or ED-12C” for literally all phases of development:  Safety, Requirements, Design, Code, Test, Quality Assurance, etc.  The new DO-178C was introduced in 2012, but the predecessor versions began in the 1980’s. Growing from 100 to over 600 pages, this new DO-178C seems complex to follow but almost all aircraft flying today must comply with it:  commercial and military planes, UAV’s, and rotorcraft. First-time users often complain of costs and schedules doubling while trying to comply. But is DO-178C really complex? What are the true meanings of DO-178C? How can DO-178C be understood and applied cost-effectively the first time?  What are the top mistakes when starting DO-178C projects and how to avoid them? What are the best practices for DO-178C avionics requirements, design, code, configuration management, test, QA, and certification? All of these topics are explained in this fast-paced Introductory DO-178C class. The developer/teacher is the principal founder of two of the world’s largest avionics consulting companies and the principal author of the world’s most popular publications on DO-178:  Vance Hilderman has taught over 11,000 avionics engineers and managers worldwide, including FAA and EASA officials, and engineers from 95 of the world’s largest 100 aviation companies: more than all the competitor’s current trainers in the world, combined.

AFuzion’s training has been provided to over 23,000 aviation engineers from 1,000 companies in 30 countries; more than all other trainers in the world combined. Brief summary below; contact us for more free information.


  • Understanding DO-178C’s basic principles:  DO-178C explained for the “real world”:  yours
  • Understanding DO-178C’s true intent by understanding the original authors’ goals
  •  Understanding the avionics development ecosystem of Safety, Software, Hardware and Certification
  •  Understanding DO-178C’s five Plans, three Standards, Requirements, Design, Code, Verification, Quality Assurance, and Configuration Management
  • Think like a DO-178C auditor and pass audits the first time
  •  Real-world DO-178C examples, and how to transition from DO-178B to DO-178C
  •  Common DO-178C initiation mistakes: from beginner to intermediate quickly
  •  Applying traceability, transition criteria, and quality assurance (QA) audits
  • Tool Qualification and Stage of Involvement (SOI) 1, 2, 3, and 4: sample checklists


Attendees may include engineers, managers, quality assurance or certification personnel; no DO-178 expertise required.

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