DO-326/ED-202-set Aviation Cyber-Security Advanced Training

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In this advanced 2-Day onsite / 3-4-Day online training course on aviation cyber-security via the DO-326/ED-202-set, attendees receive an in-depth practical course on the new “DO-326/ED-202 security ecosystem” of emerging aviation cyber security regulations, which enhances their certification compliance capabilities.
The DO-326/ED-202 set of documents is all about the mitigation of the aviation/aircraft safety effects of “Intentional Unauthorized Electronic Interaction (IUEI)”, a.k.a. “Cyber Threats”, which were explicitly excluded from the classic DO-178C/ED-12C/ARP4754A set.
DO326A/ED202A & DO-356A/ED-203A, the “core” of the set, focus on type certification during the first three phases of an aircraft (including avionics) type: 1) Initiation, 2) Development or Acquisition, and 3) Implementation. Their companions DO-355/ED-204 focus on security for continued airworthiness.
As the DO-326/ED-202-set provides requirements and objectives in a similar fashion to DO-178C, DO-254, and ARP4754A, and certification authorities already assess DO-326A compliance as added requirements for aviation suppliers. The DO-326/ED-202-set is already officially required by EASA for currently applies to fixed-wing aircraft CS25), general aviation (CS23), rotorcraft (CS27 and CS29), engines (CS-E/part-33) and propellers (CS-P/part-35), and the FAA has already pledged to follow suit in 2022 – in the meanwhile making large parts of it mandatory in a gradual multi-year process. There are already DO-326/ED-202 applications for the Defense/Aerospace sector, including UAS.

AFuzion’s training has been provided to over 25,000 aviation engineers from 1,000 companies in 30 countries; more than all other trainers in the world combined. Brief summary below; contact us at for more free information.

KEY FEATURES of AFuzion’s DO-326/ED-202-set Advanced/Practical Training Classes:

  • Thinking like a DO-326/ED-202-set auditor and pass audits the first time;
  • Introducing DO-326/ED-202-set sample “Compliance Rubrics” that support an efficient certification process;
  • Real-world DO-326/ED-202-set examples, and how to navigate them through the multiple processes of the set. Note: as cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving discipline, these examples might differ from training to training;
  • Provide sample tools & techniques for compliance with the DO-326/ED-202-set;
  • Common DO-326/ED-202-set initiation mistakes: from beginner to intermediate quickly;
  • Understanding the rationale behind the DO-326/ED-202-set’s documents:
  • Getting acquainted with the security process of the entire ED-202/DO-326 set, including the standards’ developers’ goals and challenges;
  • Understanding the ED-202/DO-326 set’s relations with DO-178C/ED-12C, DO-254/ED-80, ARP4754A(B)/4761(A) etc. –  “feeding” Security into Safety;
  • In-depth acquaintance with DO-326/ED-202-set’s Airworthiness Security Process logic and elements: Risk Assessment, Security Architecture & Measures, Verification and assurance.


Attendees may include managers, engineers, quality assurance, certification personnel – as well as aircraft manufacturers, operators, maintainers, service providers and other aviation stakeholders, who need to prepare for Cyber-Security regulatory compliance of their aircraft/systems/organizations.

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