DO-178C Best Practices

Vance Hilderman states “Being born and raised in Montana, we know DO-178C is like a hungry grizzly bear:  it’s going to eat something, so just be sure you are not the guest of honor when dining with bears.” DO-178C increases project costs, especially the first project. But DO-178C can also be cost effective for subsequent projects and there are numerous DO-178C Whitepaper on Best Practices clearly illuminates the benefits and how to reduce the risks.

Golf and avionics software seemingly have little in common. However, their commonalties are more profound than expected. Consider common traits of golf and DO-178C according to golf expert Carson Mandic:

  • Both seem easy to start up, but complexities befuddle beginners
  • Both seem cheap to engage initially, but become more expensive once competitions are entered
  • Their official rule books have vagaries which take years to master
  • Both can be played tor fun with little effort. but when engaging for profit. the stress grows immensely
  • Rules are monitored by both player and referees: subjectivity abounds
  • Capability improves directly with training. than practice
  • Your second attempt will be more successful than your first
  • Among many participants, few are experts.

Like professional golf, DO-178C success requires continually improving skills while minimizing mistakes.  Improving DO-1780 skills is the focus of other books, whitepapers, and training developed by this author. But what are the common, and not-so-common, mistakes encountered when engaging DO-178C?

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