DO-254 Costs Versus Benefits

DO-254 benefits versus costs cover

Free: Download Remaining 10+ Page Paper Here

Developing and certifying avionics hardware is not cheap, with many first-time developers working inefficiently and doubling or tripling the rightful costs of experienced developers.  This 10+ page proprietary paper from AFuzion compares the costs versus benefits based upon Development Assurance Levels (DALs)  A through E and shows YOU how to develop and certify your avionics hardware more efficiently with greater re-use and faster schedules.  Developed over ten years of AFuzion’s 50+ engineers working on over 400 avionics projects, this paper is packed with valuable information.  Learn how to reduce avionics development and certification costs while obtaining improved certification, quality, and reusability, THE FIRST TIME or your 20th time.

Free: Download Remaining 10+ Page Paper Here

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