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The Aviation Development Ecosystem book

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The Avionics Development Ecosystem – Applying DO-178C & Related Guidelines

Finally, seven-years in the making, the world’s first and only book on the complete Aviation and Avionics Development & Certification Ecosystem for DO-178C, ARP4754A, DO-326A, DO-254, ARP4761A, DO-200B, DO-278A, Military, Civil, eVTOL DO-178C, and the ECOSYSTEM.  The “Unified Field Theory” for aviation and avionics engineers.  As Woodrow Bellamy III states as Editor in Chief, Access Intelligence/Aerospace:

“Vance Hilderman’s ability to explain the lifecycle of developing, testing, verifying, validating, and ultimately achieving certification on safety-critical airborne software and hardware systems is evident in his latest work”

And further testament to this book is the Society of Aerospace Engineers (SAE) Maura Callahan, Senior Manager – Global Aerospace:

“Vance Hilderman is considered one of the foremost experts in his field, and is a highly sought-after instructor for DO-178C, DO-254, ARP4754A / ARP4761,  and DO-278ª and DO-200B.  He is an invaluable member of our team at SAE, and he never disappoints. Dynamic, straightforward and with a keen ability to describe complex ideas, Vance is one of the best!”

“Debuted 2021 #1 on Amazon Aviation Books Bestseller List The Aviation Development System: is available through Amazon in hardcover & Kindle format.
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